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Where to buy tram and bus tickets in Zagreb?

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Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a lovely place to spend your holidays, and even though the city center is rather small, you're going to want to visit some off-center sites such as Park Maksimir, Jarun Lake, Sljeme or the Botanical Garden. So, if you are into exploring or simply get tired of walking, you can use the city transport; trams, buses and the funicular for the Upper Town.

Where to buy tram and bus tickets in Zagreb?

Where to buy tram and bus tickets in Zagreb - paper tickets

You can purchase paper tram tickets on every kiosk stand you see, usually Tisak and iNovine and on ZET (that is the name of Zagreb’s official transport) locations. That’s where you’ll get the cheapest fare.

If you can’t find a kiosk anywhere near, don’t worry, you can get the ticket in the tram, but remember to enter on the first door of the vehicle so you can get to the driver easily, the driver can sell you the ticket. But mind the fact that’s it’s a little bit more expensive.

Don’t forget to cancel the ticket by inserting it in the ticket machine in the front and in the back of the vehicle. If you get caught without a valid ticket, you’ll pay a fine.

The same thing is with the buses, you can get the paper bus ticket on the front door of the bus, with the driver, on kiosks, and at ZET locations. The same rules apply here, you need to cancel it to validate it.

Zagreb city transport fares

Let’s talk about how much do the tickets cost and what is the cheapest option.

Remember the tickets purchased on kiosks and ZET locations are cheaper than the ones you get from the drivers.

There are different fares for different durations depending on how far you go, and how much the drive is expected to last. Hot tip – if you are visiting sites that are off the city center like, for example, Park Maksimir or Botanical Garden, 30-minute ones will do.

One purchased ticket is valid for one ride in one direction. When you go back, you must purchase another one.

  1. Single fare – daytime – 30 minutes = 4,00 kn (=ca. 0,54 EUR)/ when purchased from the drivers 6,00 kn (0,80 EUR)
  2. Single fare – daytime – 60 minutes = 7,00 kn (=ca. 0,94 EUR)/ when purchased from the drivers 10,00 kn (1,34 EUR)
  3. Single fare – daytime – 90 minutes = 10,00 kn (=ca. 1,34 EUR)/ when purchased from the drivers 15,00 kn (2,00 EUR)
  4. Single fare – night time = 15,00 kn (=ca. 2,00 EUR)/ same price when purchased from the drivers

The cheapest way to go if you’re planning on riding more than just a tram to one location and back is to get a daily ticket. The cost of a daily ticket is 30,00 kn (4,00 EUR) and you don’t have to worry about directions and validity.

If you’re going to the Upper Town and don’t want to or can’t walk the stairs, you can ride the Funicular. One way ticket costs 5,00 kn (0,66 EUR).

When you’re staying in Zagreb for a few days and more and you need to use the city transport, instead of buying one-way tickets with 30 min durations, you can just purchase a multi-day ticket.

Here are the multi-day prices3 days = 70,00 kn (9,34 EUR), 7 days = 150,00 kn (19,97 EUR), 15 days = 200,00 kn (26,62 EUR), 30 days = 400 kn (53,24 EUR). Multi-day tickets can’t be purchased with the drivers, only on ZET locations.

Stored-value cards instead of paper tickets

When you frequently visit Zagreb, stored-value cards are ideal for you if you need to occasionally use public transport. The benefit of a stored-value card is that it is valid in all zones and for all lines, and it may also be shared with other users.

After boarding the vehicle, the stored-value card has to be held against the registration machine, otherwise, it’s not valid. You will be able to choose the adequate fare for you. Charging of a single fare of HRK 10.00 on the stored-value card allows passengers to ride by tram, bus, or funicular in the first zone for 90 minutes, in any direction.

When you have to switch tram or bus lines and get off one tram to board another, if you paid, for example, a 4,00 kn fare which is valid for 30 minutes, you’ll just need to hold the card against the machine to register once more, but it will not charge you again!

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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