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WhatsApp Live Location how to

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If you're catching up with your friends for drinks or some dinner and don't want to be too late or too early, WhatsApp has the solution. We can send our live locations to our group chats and they can follow us live. This feature can be of extremely good use, especially for example to parents that need to know the whereabouts of their underage children.

WhatsApp Live Location how to

We had a location option similar to this one earlier, but that one used to be static. This "live" feature really makes it easier and more fun, especially when we are traveling. To learn how to send Live location, follow Daisy's how to below in the text.

Step 1

Open WhatsApp and pick a chat

Choose a chat or a chat group that you want to send your Live location to.

Tap “+” in the bottom left side of the screen as shown on the image.

Step 2

Choose Location in the drop-down

Tap Location in the drop-down menu.

WhatsApp has to be given access to your Location Services in order for this feature to work, and it has to be set to always, not just while using the app.

If you already have this on, skip to step number 4.

If you need to set this up, keep up with the following steps.

Step 3

Open Settings

WhatsApp will redirect you to Settings.

Press Location and switch toggle to Always.

Remember, if your location is set to Never or While using the App, you will not be able to send Live location because this feature uses GPS and it has to have access to Location Services to make sure it locates you as precise as possible.

Step 4

Share Live Location

Tap Share Live Location, and by pressing OK you agree to share your location with the group you chose.

GPS is going to locate you and you have to confirm it by tapping  Share Live Location.

By confirming Share Live Location you are continuing to share your location.

You will be able to choose the time period you want your location to be shared.

Step 5

Choose time period

Choose a time period for location share.

You can choose between 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours, so pick one you’re most comfortable with and the one that meets your requirements best.

You can add a personalized message for your friends in the Add comment field.

Confirm everything by pressing the blue arrow in the bottom right part of the screen and your Location is now successfully shared!

Step 6

Live Location is now successfully shared

Location Sharing is active in the chosen time period that you picked in the before steps, however, you can stop Location Sharing any time for whatever reason.

If you want to stop sharing your location, tap Stop Sharing.

When Location Sharing stops, you will have a Live location ended message on your screen.

WhatsApp says that Location Sharing is secured with end-to-end encryption so it can be considered safe from third-party access which is great!

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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