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The website is intended as a central place where you will find solutions and ways of using technology-related issues and learning about technology and technology solutions. Our goal is to guide and provide the information as complete, accurate and updated as possible. If you do notify us about errors using the form Ask Daisy, we will take all the necessary steps to fix mentioned errors as soon as possible. reserves the right to modify the content and this terms of use without prior notice and is not responsible for any damages caused by these changes. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this website. Also, fully discharges any responsibility that is in any way linked to the use of the website by any user or use or misuse of the content and for any damages that may arise to the user or any third party with respect to the use or misuse of the content page. By abandoning the aforementioned responsibility, does not aim to reduce the responsibility for its conduct in accordance with the legal regulations.

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