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How to turn off call waiting on iPhone

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Call waiting is a feature that allows the user to receive another call while already speaking on his phone, so we see who else is calling us so we can decide whether to answer or not. Even though this feature can be very useful and desirable, sometimes it can get annoying and distracting.

How to turn off call waiting on iPhone

Smartphones allow us to switch call waiting on or off in their settings, so when we have it on often it comes with a warning sound that can get a bit distracting for an ongoing call. To turn this feature off on iPhone or Android, follow the few easy steps below.

Step 1

Turn off call waiting on iPhone

Go to Settings and tap Phone.

Select Call Waiting from the menu.

You can modify this feature when and how you like it, turn it back on if you need it.

Turn off the call waiting feature by switching the toggle off, as shown in the image.

You have successfully rid yourself of all those annoying buzzing in your ear during your calls.

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