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How to turn off autocorrect on iPhone

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Even though reading (other people's)  autocorrect fails is hilarious as hell, when it happens to us it's really not so funny anymore, especially when it happens with the wrong person, and let's face it - it always does.

How to turn off autocorrect on iPhone

iPhone Autocorrect feature works on all text platforms, for example on apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, on all e-mail clients, etc. In this Daisy's how to, we are going to show you how to turn this feature off permanently.

Turn off Autocorrect

Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap General.

Then tap Keyboard. In the keyboard menu you can find many settings options where you can personalize your typing preferences, and to turn off Autocorrect you have to press Auto-Correction toggle switch. And you’re done, it’s that easy.

If you like something else you see here, like auto-Capitalisation or Caps Lock, “.” shortcut, etc., you can modify it to fit your needs.

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