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How to turn off Auto-play videos on Facebook

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Video Auto-play on Facebook can get really awkward for various of reasons, especially when the video content is inappropriate to the environment we're currently in or we're not connected to Wi-Fi so it "eats up" our mobile data. In this Daisy's how to learn how to turn this off in a few easy steps. We are going to show the steps for a mobile Facebook app, but we are sure you can use this for a desktop version as well.

How to turn off Auto-play videos on Facebook

Follow the steps below to disable Auto-play videos on Facebook.

Step 1

Open Facebook

Open Facebook app and tap More button to enter the menu we need, the one on the bottom right part of the toolbar, as seen in the image.

Step 2

Tap Settings & Privacy

Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy.

Then tap Settings.


Step 3

Tap Videos and photos

You will have to scroll way down until you reach Videos and photos and then tap it to manage preferences.


Step 4

Confirm desired preferences

You can choose between a few options on this screen.

If you want to turn off Facebook Video Auto-play, tap on it as shown in the image, and choose Never Auto-play Videos.

You can also choose between Auto-play only while on mobile data and Wi-Fi connection or on Wi-Fi connection only. Also, the app says it turns auto-play off if your battery is low.

So that’s that, now you won’t have those “loud video auto-play awkward situations” anymore, and a play button will be shown on the video clip.

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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