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How to rename multiple files and photos

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It's not a problem to rename a document or two, however, when you need to rename a bunch of them, doing it one by one makes no sense. Since there is a better way, we are going to show you how to do it on a Mac computer.

How to rename multiple files and photos

In this How-to we are going to show you how to rename multiple documents in two clicks, whether they're photos, excels, word documents or pdfs.

How to rename multiple documents

You can rename documents such as photos, excel and word files, pdfs…the process is the same.

Open the folder which contains files you want to rename. Then select all of the documents you want to rename (you can use command+A for selecting every single document in the folder) or add ordinal numbers next to the names.

Then make a right-click on the selected documents, and click Rename Items from the menu.

If you want to just change the names of the documents and maybe add an ordinal number next to it, all you have to do is write the wanted name in the  Custom Format field, and (optionally) write a number in the Start numbers at field.

Click Rename to confirm.

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