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How to remove password from Windows 10

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If you are you tired of writing in your password every time you open your laptop or turn on your computer, this Daisy's how to is just for you!

How to remove password from Windows 10

There are many reasons why you shouldn't remove your password, one of the most important ones being that your computer will not be protected if you're not near to it, and we must accentuate that we do not recommend removing your password.

However, if you are certain you want it and are aware of the risks, we will show you how to do it in the following steps.

IMPORTANT: this tutorial works for local user accounts only, and if you log in with your Microsoft account, you will have to do it with their Online service.

Step 1

Choose your option

Click Start, then Settings and then Accounts.

Go to Sign-in options and then click Change to continue.

Step 2

Removing password

First, you’ll need to enter your current valid password, and then where you’re supposed to enter a new password, do not enter anything and just click Next and then Finish to successfully remove your password.

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