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How to remove dip nails (gel) at home – no file needed

Whether you are in a lockdown or just can't be bothered to go to the nail appointment just to take your overgrown nails off, whatever the reason may be, did you know that you can take gel dip nails off yourself, in 10 minutes? And with everything you already have at home? Well, you can. And there's no filing involved, no breakage and no damage to the nail. So stay tuned.

How to remove dip nails (gel) at home – no file needed

All you need for removing dip nails at home, including gel nails, you probably already have. So here it is:
acetone (100%), plastic bag, a bowl with warm water, paper towels.

  • Heat the water and pour it in a bowl big enough to fit your hand. The water should be quite warm, but definitely not boiling or too hot, be careful so you don’t get hurt
  • Take a plastic bag (it would be best to use the one with a zipper, like an Ikea one), then get one or two paper towels, fold them and put them in the bag
  • Pour 100% acetone in the bag and over the paper towel, about 1,7 oz (0,5 dl) should be enough for one hand
  • This next step is optional, however we suggest that before you submerge your hand in the acetone, you put some hand cream/cuticle oil on your hands, avoiding the nail area, to protect your skin from drying out. You can even use some edible oil like olive oil
  • Remove all your jewelry, such as rings and bracelets, including your watch
  • Place your hand in the bag (where you already put acetone and paper towels), so that the nails are covered with acetone and that you can rub your nails against paper towel. Secure with a zipper so that it doesn’t leak
  • Immerse everything together, the bag with your hand, in a bowl of warm water
  • Rub your nails with a paper towel while holding the nails submerged under warm water, the warmth will speed up to process. Keep rubbing until you remove the gel/dip/sns completely.

It is going to take about 5 minutes to finish one hand, and if your gel layer is pretty thick, like 3 layers or more, it could take longer.

Repeat the procedure for the other hand, just replace the acetone and get a fresh paper towel.

When you are done with taking off the gel or dip off your nails, don’t forget to apply hand cream, some nourishing oil or lotion because acetone could dry out your skin and nails.

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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