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How to make Instagram private

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Sometimes we think about all the stuff we post on the web and all the things that are visible to strangers and it can make us feel uncomfortable and anxious. All our Instagram posts, if we don't regulate privacy settings, are available for the entire world to see, or the entire Instagram, anyway. You can simply be careful about what you post and reveal about yourself, or you can set your profile to private. Read how to do it in this Daisy's how to. 

How to make Instagram private

We also want to talk about the matter of Internet safety, especially for underage children and teens so it's important to bring out some facts. A piece of friendly advice to parents - make sure to check with your underage children if their profiles are set to private so you can be sure who can see what your children are posting.

How to make Instagram private

Switching Instagram profile from public to private and vice versa is done in settings and you can switch it back and forth any time you like.

Open Instagram and from home screen tap on your profile icon in the right part of the screen, as seen in the image.

Swipe to your left and then tap Settings at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll down until you reach Privacy and security then tap Account privacy.

When you switch toggle to Private account, from that point on only your followers get to see your posts, like them and comment, and when someone new will want to see your profile and follow you, they will have to send a follow request which then you’ll be able to approve or decline.

It’s important to state that when your profile is not set to private, every Instagram user can see your profile and all of your posts and stories, follow you, etc.

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