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How to delete Snapchat account

This How to is more than 2 years old and may be outdated.

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Are you tired of Snapchat and wish to delete your account? Sometimes we get fed up with all the social media and mega-popular apps that we spend hours and hours swiping through. If the time has come to say enough, or at least to make a short break, Daisy will show you how to delete your Snap account.

How to delete Snapchat account

We'll show you how to deactivate and then permanently delete a Snapchat account in a few easy steps below.

Step 1


You can delete Snapchat account by tapping this link and skipping all the steps till the last one or follow the steps below.

In the upper left part of the screen tap the profile icon, as shown in the image.

Then tap the red settings wheel in the upper right part of the screen.

Now tap Help Centre.

Step 2

Snapchat Support

After Snapchat Support screen opens, in the upper right part of the screen you can tap the drop-down menu icon, or scroll all the way down until you find My Account & Security, then tap it.

Step 3

Delete account

Next step tap Account Information and then tap Delete My Account.

Snapchat will redirect you to How to delete your Snapchat account and you’ll need to tap the Accounts portal.

Now you’re in the Delete Account screen where you’ll need to enter your account password, your user name will already be specified, unless you have more than one Snapchat account, then write in the user name for the account you want to delete.

After you have entered all the login data, tap Continue.

Now you will receive Snapchat notice that your account has been deactivated,  “Account Deactivated” and after 30 days it will be permanently deleted.

If you were to log in to your Snapchat account in the following 30 days, you will activate it again. So if you are sure you want it permanently deleted, just don’t access it anymore. During the 30 day deactivation period, your friends will not be able to contact you and you’ll be unreachable via the app.

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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