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How to delete comments in Word

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You have received a Word document with a bunch of comments, track changes and all kinds of markups options that show that the text has been edited, and if all you want to do is remove all markups and finalize the document, or just delete a comment, keep reading, we know how to help you.

How to delete comments in Word

Word as a text editor has many fantastic features, however sometimes managing all of them at the same time and remembering how to do everything can get a bit challenging, especially when we don't have much time. You can learn how to delete a comment or comments in general in the following steps.

Delete a comment in Word

Open your Word document and position your mouse cursor on the Review button which you can find on the toolbar on the upper part of the screen and click on it.

Then click on Delete button drop-down menu.  You can choose between deleting a comment you have positioned your cursor on and deleting all the comments from the document (Delete and Delete All Comments in Document). Choose the option you consider fits your needs.

By doing this you have now removed the specific comment or all the comments from the document.

If you have made a mistake and deleted something you shouldn’t have, just click Undo (command+Z) and take a step back so you can do it again.


Quick delete of a comment

If you want to quickly delete or remove a specific comment, all you have to do is make a right click on the comment you wish to delete and click on Delete Comment in the drop-down menu.

This way you can delete a comment or reply to it.

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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