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How to delete a Facebook page

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If you want to delete a Facebook page for whatever reason, such as obsolete content, lack of time and will to moderate, follow the few easy steps below.

How to delete a Facebook page

Mind that you have to be page Admin in order to be able to delete it. If you're not sure what your page role is, go to Settings and check Page Roles.

Step 1


Open your Facebook page and go to Settings. You can find them in the upper right part of the screen, as shown in the image.

Click General settings and scroll down until you find Remove Page.

When you found Remove Page, click the Edit button to delete a Facebook page.

Step 2

Permanently Delete

When you’ve clicked Edit, you will see a Permanently Delete Facebook page button and click on it.

Facebook will ask you if you’re sure you want to delete the page and notify you that you can unpublish it instead if you think you’ll want to come back to it in the future.

If you’re sure you want to delete it, click Delete.

The page is now successfully deleted, and you just click OK to confirm on more time. And it is done!

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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