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How to change Facebook page name

This How to is more than 2 years old and may be outdated.

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Facebook pages for our businesses are a very important part of commerce in general. We use social media for brand building, being present on the market and for quick and easy communication with our customers and our target groups. Sometimes when we want to rebrand we change the brand name, and we will want to change the Facebook page name as well. But how do we do it? Daisy will show you.

How to change Facebook page name

Facebook is very strict and sticks to its guidelines, so there is a long list of forbidden words and combinations, and we'll write a few:

  • offensive and derogatory terms and phrases
  • improper use of capitalization (eg, the CaFE), and full capitalization of letters, with the exception of acronyms
  • long business descriptions, slogans (eg the best cafe with the best coffee in town)
  • any variation with the name "Facebook"

You can find the guidelines on this link.

The name of the Facebook page must accurately and precisely describe the business and accurately reflect the page. Keep in mind that only authorized representatives can manage a trademark, site, organization or public person page.

Only page Admin (if you don’t know what your page role is, see in Page Roles) can change the name of the page.

Follow the steps below to request a change for the Facebook page name.

Step 1

Go to Facebook page and press About

You can find About on the left part of the screen (desktop version), on the toolbar.

Step 2

Go to Name and press Edit

You can find Edit right of the page name.

Now enter new page name: by following the guidelines for choosing a page name, enter a new name for your Facebook page and press Continue.

Step 3

Request change

Check the request and click on Request Change.

If you don’t see the Edit option, you do not have the necessary page role to make this action, the Admin role.

If you don’t know how to check your page role on this facebook page, go to Settings and then click on Page Roles.

If you can’t edit the page name, it is also possible that another Admin has recently already requested a name change so be sure to check on that as well.
Keep in mind that changing your Facebook page name will not affect its existing username.
Also, note that it is not possible to change the name of a regional page if it is a part of a global page.

Step 4

Name change - it can last for a while

Facebook doesn’t really have a deadline to review all the received requests to change page names, so this whole venture could last for months, so be aware that a name change could be done within a few days, but it’s possible to last for ages.

If you have interesting experiences yourself, share them in the comments, we would be very grateful as it can be very useful for other people.

There are a few factors that can affect the duration of processing time, especially if desired and requested page name is already in use, so be sure to check the name before requesting the change.

One of the fantastic options many have successfully used is talking directly to the Facebook business team, so you can try this way as well.

If you have any questions, you can always ask Daisy for help

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