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How to block someone on YouTube

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If you are a YouTuber, chances are you are going to receive an inappropriate or nasty comment on your videos. Those comments are often not following the Community Guidelines and can be removed.

How to block someone on YouTube

The easiest way to get rid of the haters and disrespectful trolls is sometimes to simply block them. In this How-to we will show you the easiest way to block someone who will then be unable to comment on your uploads.

How to prevent someone from leaving hateful comments

Open YouTube and find the person you wish to block.

You can enter the name in the search field or find it somewhere (wherever) on YouTube.

You will see the three dots right next to the name and tap on it, then tap Block user from the menu.

Confirm the blocking by tapping Block.

Oh, and blocking Rosie is simply for the purpose of showing you where to block the person, we wouldn’t actually block her :).

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